Secure payment

Payment by Credit Card with the Societe Generale


  • Your credit card number and expiry date are always encrypted and never circulated in the clear on the network. VISA and Eurocard-Mastercard are accepted as methods of payment.
  • The PCI DSS standard has been adopted by the MasterCard and Visa networks to enhance relative security
  • Use and storage of cardholder data. It is a global standard also supported by other card networks like American Express, JCB or Diners.
  • No banking information is stored or transited via our website.

Payment by PayPal account

  • After finalizing your order, you will be sent directly to the PayPal site to identify you and pay in secure mode with your account.
  • None of your personal data will be transmitted to us.
  • You will not need to transmit your credit card data.